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Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I know whats happening. I will tell you whats happening. At this very second, some are singing, some are rejoicing, some are dying some are receiving healing, some are making up, others are breaking up. Others are loosing, others are winning. Others are just thinking, others are playing, others are fighting, others are stealing others. Others are studying. Others are crying. others are falling, others are getting up.

Will machines ever think?

by Kuhle Sikota

Well, will you be using that phone in 10 years’ time?
According to me I think one day a certain kind of people will be able to make such computers.
The first thing that comes to mind when you mention thinking Machines is this movie
A.I. Artificial Intelligence 2001
After seeing that movie I realised that one day they will think, but how would they really think because the kind of thinking I am talking about is not PROGRAMING a Robot to Not Do BAD things and then tell us ooh look they can think No. I am talking about putting in there a sense of humour somehow, and creating a new being that thinks for itself.
But that would be easily condemned because people like being on the control and Yes I would want any world domination from anything that we Made our Selves Atomic Bombs have done enough.
And looking at what the Japanese are doing we are getting close. But for me it interests me a lot when thinking about interacting with other things that think in just different ways.
But getting back to the thinking machines I know it will happen very soon, if I don’t do it on my own Since Everybody else is just not getting it, I will be part of the group that makes it.
Some other ingredient has to be added for them to think, they won’t think if they don’t add that. They will just be following if statements and that’s not a discovery.
But hey it’s good that someone at least is looking for the right thing.
I just hope we are able to manager this one, it seems to me that all things that are invented somehow get use for the wrong purposes.
Even though I believe they will think I still care for Humans, those Guys who started the Manhattan Project, uranium all that stuff they did it bad for us.
Einstein’s letter to Roosevelt:
Just like cell phones in the A.D times or B.C times they probably never made it even to the dreams of those people.

Thinking Robots will be just like that. Right now I know that computers are not cleverer than US Humans, because we are still making them if they were really clever they would make themselves. But those Guys the ones who can think they will be very clever and will be will to go stay at other planets. Ok enough with the future now.
And lastly in our little planet I know mostly anything is possible. And I think nothing that we know of THEORY or PROOF is at its Prime I believe sooner or later it will be made better (there’s no Grand Version) and believe me you we are working exponentially. Soon enough thinking computers will be like Facebook and twitter with PEOPLE like me who can’t wait to get (BETTER). As a matter of FACT make a better one.
These are my thoughts Sir.

I’m still looking for an Elite group of people, for us to forward the human race to better Times.
Because I believe that those people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are there ones who do.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Things we don't see

There are buildings that we build, these are built from stone,
they can be easily broken and destroyed. But there are some buildings
which are not built from bricks, these are built in the heart, mind
and soul. No one can break or even touch these buildings, we go to
these buildings when we are down in order to get up. At some point in a humans' life, one will marvell at him self; at these buildings. its where our Greatness
lie, where our home is. Remember these buildings can be built so don't stop building, the sky
is not the limit heaven is